Living Your Best Life With Haemochromatosis

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Hi, I’m Joanne and this is my wellbeing blog on living life to the fullest whilst managing haemochromatosis, a genetic disease which causes the body to store too much iron.  My blog celebrates all that I love – cooking, nutrition and wellbeing.

Did you know haemochromatosis is one of the most common genetic disorders, with one in every 200 Australians sharing this disease? I certainly didn’t when I was diagnosed with haemochromatosis almost a decade ago.

I started this blog to personalise the disease and share my experiences. I hope to build an on-line community which fosters positivity and supports each other as we collectively manage living with haemochromatosis.

My goal is to raise awareness about haemochromatosis in Australia (and the world, for that matter), to inspire others to take responsibility for their health and to live the best life they can whilst managing this disease – be it through cooking wholesome low iron meals or proactively managing their wellbeing. And yes, my recipes are so delicious, nutritious and easy that even non haemochromatosis sufferers will want to make them part of their weekly repertoire.

If you want to find more about haemochromatosis try out nourishing low iron meals and learn practical tips you can adopt each and every day to live your best life whilst managing this disease, then Iron-ic Wellbeing is for you!

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Some interesting facts about me – I’m a city girl with a country heart, a devoted tea and coffee drinker (and just as well this is a plus for someone living with haemochromatosis given my growing collection of boutique teas), I’m addicted to buying books (and hope to one day get around to reading them all), I have an unending thirst for learning and I’m at my happiest when preparing a meal to share with loved ones.

Feel free to read more of my story on my About page or check out Haemo What? to learn more about haemochromatosis and genetic iron overload disease. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’d love to hear your stories and ideas too. Got a question about living with haemochromatosis or want me to follow up a particular angle, just send me an email at or leave your comments below. I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.


3 responses to “Living Your Best Life With Haemochromatosis”

  1. Margot Holland says:

    I am struggling with a dry mouth and dry eyes i think tjis is associated with my hemochromatosis but on mentioning tbis to my consultant he was vague and non commital when i asked these questions . It was at this visit he told me i am now in maontenance ferritin down to 35 and this seemed to ve his only concern

    • Hi Margot, apologies for the late reply (it seems my messages were playing up, but have now re-appeared from cyber space). I’ll see if I can do some digging around for you in terms of your symptoms. We are holding an event in Melbourne next week at which we have a hematologist speaking, so I will inquire with her as to any connection between dry mouth/eyes and haemochromatosis. Congrats on being in maintenance – that is wonderful news.